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Бескаматен кредит за студентите на ФБЕ

Со цел обезбедување на квалитетно и ефикасно образование достапно за сите, Факултетот за бизнис економија (ФБЕ) во соработка со НЛБ Банка, Ви ја  претставува можноста за финансирање на студиите со
A Joint Educational Venture of the Integrated Business Faculty and its European Partners in the Preparation of a New Course "Economics of Sustainability"   In the past six months, the Integrated Business Faculty has taken an active role as a partner in the implementation of the project activities within the project "Economics of Sustainability".
The new issue of the Journal of Sustainable Development has been published   Dear visitors,The Integrated Business Faculty has published the new 24th issue of the Journal of Sustainable Development. The latest number of the Journal can be seen at the following link.
Online Training Courses to Strengthen the Skills of High School Students   The Integrated business faculty organized several training courses in the field of business economics.
Call for enrollment in the academic year 2020/21   The Integrated Business Faculty (IBF) offers you a four-year undergraduate study in the field of business and economics and is a great opportunity for candidates to gain quality knowledge on one of the following modules:


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