Career center
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Career center

The Career Center, within the Integrated Business Faculty of  Skopje, was established with the sole aim of supporting students in developing their skills and abilities that are crucial for their future employment.

The mission of the Career Center is to prepare the students of the Integrated Business Faculty for entering the job market, connecting with the employers and providing support in acquiring the knowledge and skills that are needed in the modern business world.

The Center is not directly involved in the employment of students and graduates but offers relevant information for obtaining work, connecting students and employers, as well as organizing various training and seminars.

The Career Center fulfills the following tasks:

  • Realization of  internships in the partner institutions of the Integrated Business Faculty,  in order to acquire new knowledge and skills through practical experience in a public, private or non-governmental sector;
  • Organization of training and workshops, which will help in personal development of students and for more confident appearance on the labor market;
  • Consultation with Career Development Advisers, in order to encourage the desire for continuous learning and professional development;
  • Keeps records of former students (alumni) and organizes various events for exchanging experiences between former and current students;
  • Organize career fairs within the faculty;


Head of Career Center

Azemina Mashovic, PhD

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