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Презентација на ученичка компанија од страна на СУГС „Владо Тасевски“


Students from SAGS "Vlado Tasevski" visited the Integrated Business Faculty on 15.05.2019 (Wednesday), in order to present their student company "Alter".

The presentation of the student company "Alter" was attended by professors and administrative staff from IBF, as well as students from the first and second year of study. 
Four students and their high school teacher told students that social responsibility and environmental awareness should be at a higher level.


The student company "Alter" presented their product, a thermos in two different variants, with a t-shirt as a gift for each purchased unit. The purpose of the product is the promote the awareness for ecological issues in young people, giving them an option to consume beverages in a sustainable manner.


After the presentation, students and professors of IBF had the opportunity to purchase the products, which gained a lot of interest among the audience. This events marks the successful long-term collaboration between IBF and "Vlado Tasevski".