ФБЕ како партнер во Европскиот проект „Економија на одржливост“
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ФБЕ како партнер во Европскиот проект „Економија на одржливост“


On the 7th May an online kick-off meeting was organized between the partnering institutions of the project “Economics of Sustainability”, which symbolized an unofficial start of the implementation of the project activities.

The project is part of the Erasmus+ programme, and it will be implemented for the next 33 months, by the following partners: University of Economics in Katowice, University of Maribor, University of Florence, Integrated Business Faculty (IBF), RRIF College for Financial Management – Zagreb, and University of Applied Sciences from Vilnius.

The kick-off meeting had the aim of introducing the participating members from each institution among each other, agreeing on the timeframe of implementing the activities and other project issues. As part of the project, the following activities will be implemented: specifying Areas of research, Syllabues for a new course “Economics of Sustainability”, Coursebook for the new course, Workshops, Case-studies and an online platform related to the new course.

The new partnering endeavor of IBF is a showcase to the commitment of the institution to expand on its existing international partnerships with quality HEIs in the EU, with the aim of unifying its educational processes with the European standards of higher education. The current and prospective students at IBF will benefit from these partnerships, by attaining modern educational practices of higher quality.