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Useful information

Please find some useful information for the Erasmus+ programme at IBF:


Studying abroad lets you take in a new culture by seeing the world from a new perspective. You can learn so much about yourself and all the possibilities life has to offer. It a high "return on investment" and this applies not only to your future career perspectives. Moreover, you can build your language skills, meet a numerous people, expand your professional knowledge, and bring home a wealth of personal experience - both academic and personal.

This page is for all students who want to learn how to pursue their studies at the Integrated Business Faculty.


The Erasmus program is the largest and best-known student exchange program in Europe. Once you make the decision to study under this program at the Integrated Business Faculty, you should follow this procedure:

1.     First, you must contact your home university and sign-up for the Erasmus program. As soon as you are nominated, we will need to see the list of nominees from your home university with your personal data (Name, e-mail address, department, time period). Your home university must send us the list of nominees;

2.     Then you will receive an e-mail from us with your login details for the online application portal ("Mobility Online");

3.     You must contact your Erasmus coordinator for help in selecting your classes. Erasmus coordinators are responsible for the subject matter support;

4.     Online Application Deadline.

The online application process has to be completed until: 

-        May 15th for the winter semester

-        December 4th for the summer semester

5.     Further information when your application is done: Visa, Health Insurance & Housing. All information and assistance related to these issues will be provided by our Erasmus Coordinator.

Erasmus coordinator

Martin Kiselicki

Phone: +389 2 2402172

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  



Information for Outgoing Students


Information for teaching staff


For additional information, please contact Martin Kiselicki, MSc., Erasmus coordinator at Integrated Business Faculty, at the following e-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Grading at IBF

Grading at Integrated Business Faculty (IBF)



Students can take exams starting from the first exam session after the lectures for the course have finished.

Exams can be taken in regular or additional exam sessions (please look at the Student Calendar for dates of the exam sessions).

In order to take exams for the courses from the second semester of an academic year, students have to have passed all the exams for the courses from the first semester of the same academic year.


The grading system is quantitative, meaning that the grade is expressed in quantitative measures.


For the full time students, the grades are formed based on the following:


-maximum 10 points for class attendance;

-maximum 10 points for class activities;

-maximum 40 points for the first part of the exam;

-maximum 40 points for the second part of the exam.


In order that the student is eligible to take the second part of the exam, she/he has to have at least 21 points from the first part of the exam.

If the student does not pass the exam in parts, then she/he can take the exam in the two following exam sessions, so that the total points that can be achieved are 80, plus 20 points from attendance and class activities. Starting from the third exam session, the total number of points that can be achieved from the exam is 100.

Part time students can take the exam for the first time in the first exam session after the lectures for that specific course have finished. The grade is based only on the results from the exam, without attendance or class activities.

The grading for both full time and part time students is quantitative with grades from 5 (five) to 10 (ten).


The grading system at IBF that is compatible to the ECTS grading is the following:


10 (A) – amounts 91–100 points,

9 (B) – amounts 81–90 points,

8 (C) – amounts 71–80 points,

7 (D) – amounts 61–70 points,

6 (E) – amounts 51–60 points,

5 (F,FX) – amounts 50 points or below.


If the student is not satisfied with the grade, she/he can appeal to the Director of IBF within 24 hours after the exam results have been published on the blackboard. The Director asks the course professor/lecturer to revise the grade within 3 working days.

If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the professor/lecturer, then a commission of three members is being constituted whose decision about the grade is final.


The new issue of the Journal of Sustainable Development has been published


Dear visitors,

Integrated Business Faculty has published the new issue of the Journal of Sustainable Development. The latest number of the Journal can be seen at the following link.


Гостинско предавање на тема “Планирање и оптимизација на производствените процеси”


На 19 Декември 2014 година м-р Александар Чадиковски, директор на производство во фабриката Идеал Шипка – Битола/Лакталис ЈИ Европа, одржа гостинско предавање пред студентите на ФБЕ. Прочитајте повеќе...

Свечено доделување дипломи


На 13 Декември 2014 година (Сабота) со почеток во  11.00 часот во Амфитеатарот на Факултет за бизнис економија  свечено беа доделени дипломите за дипломираните студенти. Прочитајте повеќе...

IBF as partner in the project BEET (Build up skills)


The project "Build up skills - Builders' Energy Efficiency Training (BEET)" began with the realization and implementation of the second phase. In the next 20 months with BEET is predicted to conduct five types of training in the construction sector, and the first to train trainers, who afterwards will transfer their knowledge to the workers.

ФБЕ на Саем за чиста енергија


Факултетот за Бизнис економија ќе учествува на “Саем за млади за чиста енергија” кој ќе се одржува во ЕУ инфо центар, Скопје на 25ти и 26ти Јуни, 2014.

Целта на Саемот е да се поврзат младите луѓе со компании кои работат на обновлива енергија и универзитети кои нудат студии од истата област. Саемот ќе претставува средба на побарувачката (студентите) и понудата (универзитети и компании) на пазарот на трудот за "чиста енергија".

Study visit at the Macedonian Stock Exchange


A study visit at the premises of the Macedonian Stock Exchange was organized for graduates and students in the second year of studying at the Integrated Business Faculty (IBF). The study visit took place on the 30th May, and it provided an opportunity for all participants to get introduced to the basic operations of the Stock Exchange, both practically and theoretically.

Гостинско предавање на тема „Регрутација и селекција на кадри за вработување“


На 19.05.2014 година д-р Коста Котески, советник за странски пазари на директорот на Реплек АД Скопје, одржа предавање на тема Регрутација и селекција на кадри за вработување. Студентите на Факултетот за бизнис економија беа запознаени со најсовремените применувани методи и техники на регрутација и селекција на кандидати со цел да се одберат соодветните кандидати за одредена позиција како и со процесот на следење на нивните понатамошни резултати во компанијата.

Предавач на ФБЕ во жирито за избор на најдобар бизнис план во организација на Хјундаи


М-р Мартин Киселички, предавач на Факултетот за Бизнис економија, ќе биде дел од жирито на натпреварот за избор на најдобар бизнис план, кој е во организација на Хјундаи и Junior Achievement Macedonia.

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