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Schedule for June exam session

Dear students, you can view the schedule on the following link.

Презентација на ученичка компанија од страна на СУГС „Владо Тасевски“


Students from SAGS "Vlado Tasevski" visited the Integrated Business Faculty on 15.05.2019 (Wednesday), in order to present their student company "Alter".

Распоред за мајска сесија

Почитувани студенти, распоредот може да го погледнете на следниот линк. 

Announcement for a non-working day

Dear students,

We would like to inform you that the Government has declared 7th of May for a non-working day on the territory of Skopje.

Schedule for second colloqium


Упис во академската 2019/2020

Почитувани, отворен е конкурсот за упис во академската 2019/2020-та година. Условите за упис на Факултетот за бизнис економија се:

Call for enrollment in the academic 2019/2020

Dear visitors, you can view the call on the following link.

Announcement for non-working days

Dear students,

We would like to notify you that according to the Law of Holidays, 26th and 29th of April, as well as 1st of May are non-working days.

IBF also won't be open on 30th of April, with the first working day being 2nd of May.

Successfull organization of the first International conference on sustainable development in business and economics


On April 12, 2019, on the premises of the Integrated Business Institute (IBI) and the Integrated Business Faculty (IBF), the first International conference on sustainable development in business and economy was organized, within the first international Erasmus + week held from 8thto 12thApril.

First International Erasmus+ at IBF and IBI


From the 8th to 12th of April, 2019, the Integrated Business Faculty (IBF) and the Integrated Business Institute (IBI) organized the first International Erasmus + Week.

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