Internships and scholarships
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Internships and scholarships


One of the most important aims of Integrated Business Faculty is to deepen and widen the theoretically gained knowledge of our students by introducing practical work at different companies.

Аccording to article 99 of Law for High education and Regulations for organizing of practical teaching for students, it is obligatory for students to attend practical teaching, which shouldn’t be shorter than 30 days as one of the conditions for enrolling in next academic year. 
Before the beginning of the internship each student should inform MSc Biljana Nacarova, the IBF responsible person for this issue, and get the documents necessary for realization of the internship.


According to the policy of "Integrated Business Faculty" special attention and incentives is given to advanced students. Besides research and interactive content and activities for each subject from the curriculum, which in turn provide a greater number of points or higher grades, this category of students has financial incentives in the form of full or partial scholarships.

In order to stimulate a greater commitment, but also to motivate other students to follow the example of the best, the teaching council awards scholarships based on student’s success for the following academic year.

During its six years of operation, IBF has approved more full or partial scholarships to top students.