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About Us

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About FBE?

Lead by the world experiences, which mean high quality and efficient education, and from the model of Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC)-study program taught at the State University of Idaho-USA (visit: www.uidaho.edu), our undergraduate curriculum consists of three years of study, or six semesters. The teaching programs for the first two years of studies are same for all students and are tailored according to the IBC approach, while in the last (third) year of the studies, depending on the students’ preferences, an opportunity has been given for students to choose among three options: Marketing, Finance, Accounting.




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What Make Us Special?

Why is the “Integrated Business Faculty” better than other Faculties?

IBF offers studies that create skills and knowledge in decision making and utilisation of business resources, through students’ practical experience and participation in a broad spectrum of team projects, based on research and internships in existing companies. Such approach enables students to apply simulation techniques during the studies for assessment and analysis, and practical application of knowledge through:

  • Virtual student companies, different simulation techniques and
  • Internships in different companies

Apart from the internship program, IBF is recognized by the Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC)-study program modelled according to the same type conducted in the USA, and which has proven as successful in preparing undergraduates to create value for their employer’s business, even from the first day of work.


The “Integrated Business Faculty” provides the required space, acquired with the criteria and norms of the Law on High Education.
The implementation of the curricula and accompanying activities will be conducted in groups of 30-40 students, joint amphitheatre equipped with electronic board, computer laboratory and library with the newest editions from world famous authors in the field of business and economy.
The timetable of lecturing and other activities at the IBF will be defined by the Teaching Council before the beginning of each semester. Lecturing and exercises will be organized from 9a.m.- 5p.m.. Students can use computer lab for their individual activities each working day.