Obtaining Visa

Obtaining Visa

Obtaining Visa

All non-Macedonian students must obtain a student visa for studying in Macedonia. They can apply for a visa at the nearest Macedonian embassy, and start the student visa process 5-6 months prior to their arrival in Skopje.

Needed Documents for The Embassy

 Orderly and legibly filled in visa application.

 Valid and recognized passport with validity period of at least 3 months longer than the intended stay of the foreign national in the Republic of Macedonia

 Proof of having an accommodation in Macedonia

 Proof for health insurance (translation of the original into Macedonian language by a certified court interpreter. If you posses European health insurance card bring that one)

 Proof of subsistence means of the applicant

 Orderly and legibly filled-in application for issue/extension of temporary residence permit

 Colored photograph (of 3.5×4.5 cm dimensions) with a white background, which faithfully portrays the applicant

 Proof of absence of criminal convictions issued by the foreigner’s home country and Proof that there is no criminal proceedings against you (translation of the original into Macedonian language by a certified court interpreter);

 Proof of sufficient knowledge of the language in which the studies will be conducted

 Certificate from the Educational Institution in Macedonia that the foreigner is a regular student there (in Macedonian)

 The study program issued from the Educational Institution in Macedonia (with the determined duration of the studies and the conditions for the enrollment in the subsequent year of studies)/ in Macedonian.