Useful information

Useful information

Please find some useful information for the Erasmus+ program at IBF:


Studying abroad lets you take in a new culture by seeing the world from a new perspective. You can learn so much about yourself and all the possibilities life has to offer. It’s a high “return on investment” and this applies not only to your future career prospects. Moreover, you can build your language skills, meet a lot of people, expand your professional knowledge, and bring home a wealth of personal experience – both academic and personal.

This page is for all students who want to learn how to pursue their studies at the Integrated Business Faculty.


The Erasmus program is the largest and best-known student exchange program in Europe. Once you make the decision to study under this program at the Integrated Business Faculty, you should follow this procedure:

1. First, you must contact your home university and sign-up for the Erasmus program. As soon as you are nominated, we will need to see the list of nominees from your home university with your personal data (Name, e-mail address, department, time period). Your home university must send us the list of nominees;

2. Then you will receive an e-mail from us with your login details for the online application portal (“Mobility Online”);

3. You must contact your Erasmus coordinator for help in selecting your classes. Erasmus coordinators are responsible for the subject matter support;

4. Online Application Deadline.

The online application process has to be completed until:

– May 15 th for the winter semester

– December 4 th for the summer semester

5. Further information when your application is done: Visa, Health Insurance & Housing. All information and assistance related to these issues will be provided by our Erasmus Coordinator.

Erasmus coordinator

Martin Kiselicki

Phone: +389 2 2402172


Information for Outgoing Students

Information for teaching staff

For additional information, please contact Martin Kiselicki, MSc., Erasmus coordinator at Integrated Business Faculty, at the following e-mail –