The Journal of Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary journal covering economic, sociological and environmental aspects of sustainability, published quarterly. The areas of the magazine cover the three foundations of economic, social and environmental sustainability. All these aspects are considered relevant for publication of papers in the journal.

The editorial board reviews texts of the following types according to the COBISS classification: Original scientific papers (including original results, presented according to the IMRAD scheme); reviews (analysis, evaluation and synthesis of already published information); short scientific papers (including original research and results) and professional papers (emphasizing the usability and implementation of already achieved results). Conference papers are not included in any of the aforementioned sections. All other types of papers according to the COBISS classification will not be considered for peer review.

The Journal of Sustainable Development officially joins the renowned EBSCO database, in the CEEOL database, as of the seventh issue.
and in the Business Source Complete and Sustainability Reference Center databases. Thus, scientific papers published in the Journal will be available in the above databases for citation and search by other researchers.


The goals of this journal are to contribute to the implementation and strengthening of the understanding of sustainability as a “state of mind” of the academic and business community through scientific knowledge, discussions and exchange of opinions. This goal will be achieved by publishing articles on all aspects of profitability, sociological management and environmentally friendly business solutions.

Chief Editor:

Prof. Dr. Aneta Vasiljevic Šikaleska, Faculty of Business Economics – Macedonia

Editorial Board:

  • Prof. Dr. Richard Gottschall, State University of New York, Plattsburgh – USA
  • Prof. Dr. Primož Pevčin, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Administration – Slovenia
  • Prof. Dr. Janis Mazais, Technical University of Riga – Latvia
  • Prof. Dr. Biljana Gjozinska, Faculty of Business Economics – Macedonia
  • Prof. Dr. Jorge Villa Biglieri, University of Vigo, Spain

Technical Editor:

Dr. Sezen Seyfulla

Paper/Article Submission

The magazine for sustainable development is a quarterly journal published by the Faculty of Business Economics – Skopje. All authors who submit their scientific papers, articles, essays, reviews, etc. deal with any of the mentioned thematic areas are encouraged to send them to this journal.

Any paper covering any of the three aspects of sustainable development (economic, sociological and environmental) is considered relevant for publication in this journal.

Papers for submission in this journal should be prepared according to the following proposals:

  1. Papers (articles, reviews and other scientific papers and reports) can be sent to the editorial board only if they have not been previously published nor will they be published in other journals before being printed in one of the issues of the Journal of Sustainable Development. Scientific papers and articles should be a maximum of 15 pages (approximately 38,000 characters with spaces). Margins: Top – 2.54, Down 2.54, Left – 3, Right – 2.5, Gutter 0 cm, Header – 1.25, Footer – 1.25. Text should be typed with 1.5 spacing in Cambria in English only language . The title of the paper should be in the Header on each page of the paper. Footnotes should be typed in size 10.


  1. Submitted papers should be organized according to the IMRAD style for writing scientific papers.
  2. First page according to the papers template

  1. Citations and footnotes should be set according to Harvard citation style –

  2. Tables, graphs and other illustrations should be titled and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. The bottom line below each graph should indicate the source from which it was taken, while additional comments and explanations should be written in a new line below the cited source.

  3. Citation of the bibliography should be done at the end of the paper in alphabetical order, with font size “10” and spacing “1”

  4. The review committee reserves the right to request proofreading of the paper before publication, if it decides that it is necessary.
  5. Papers sent for printing are not returned to the authors regardless of whether or not they will be printed

  6. If the review of the paper is positive, the paper will be printed in the next first edition of the Journal of Sustainable Development.

NOTE: Unedited papers will be returned to authors to be edited according to the above publication rules

Method of payment:

  • Employees in the institutions of FBE, IBE and NBE – 1,500 denars per article
  • Employees in higher education and other institutions in the Republic of Macedonia – 2,000 denars per article
  • Foreign authors – 3,000 denars

Payment information

  • Recipient : Faculty of Business Economics
  • Recipient’s bank: Tutunska Banka
  • Giro account: 210-061017470125
  • Purpose of remittance: Publication of a paper in the Journal of Sustainable Development

Documents for submission of work

The documents should be submitted to the following email address –

You can read more about the Journal of Sustainable Development and the issues published so far at the following links: