The Faculty of Business Economics carries out higher education activities, in accordance with the Law on Higher Education, through:

  1. performing higher education activities from the first cycle professional and second cycle specialist studies in one or more related, i.e. interconnected scientific and professional disciplines from the areas for which accreditation has been given and taking care of their development;

  2. determination of unique strategic development in teaching – educational, scientific – research and applied higher professional and other activities;

  3. determination of unique criteria, norms and rules for organization;

  4. performance of higher education and scientific research activities;

  5. action in the financial sector, investments and development plans;

  6. connection of teaching with science;

  7. organizing and implementing highly professional application activity in the areas of operation;

  8. development of new activities and works determined by law and this Statute;

  9. profiling of scientific research (fundamental, scientific and

  10. developmental);

  11. within the framework of the FBE’s cooperation policy, realization of higher education, scientific and technical cooperation and partnership with domestic and foreign higher education and scientific institutions, the business community, public and private institutes and centers with domestic and foreign entities, and for the purpose of advancing the higher education, scientific and research and the application activity;

  12. in realization of cooperation with domestic and foreign higher education and scientific institutions, organizes scientific gatherings, symposia, seminars, counseling and other types of gatherings;

  13. sells scientific and professional services, expertise and products to domestic and foreign legal and natural persons;

  14. exchange of scientific and professional services with domestic and foreign legal and natural persons

  15. participation in domestic and international projects;

  16. organizing joint study programs with domestic and foreign higher education institutions;

  17. organizing winter and summer schools and other forms of education;

  18. establishing a policy for the mobility of teachers and administrative staff;

  19. setting standards in teaching;

  20. proposing and taking measures to improve and protect the standard of students and employees;

  21. establishment of unique rules for the rational use of human and material resources;

  22. within the framework of the single library-information system determined by the FBE, organizing the work of the library and establishing its own library-information and documentation activity;

  23. organizing own publishing activity;

  24. establishment of establishments, trading companies and associations in accordance with the law and this Statute;

  25. technology transfer;

  26. promotion of ECTS;

  27. issuing forms and other documents for the needs of students;

  28. issuing diplomas and other documents for completed studies and other types of education, according to the conditions established by the FBE Statute;

  29. management, use of the property and material assets at its disposal;

  30. protection and security of FBE property;

  31. performs other works and activities determined by law, the Statute and other acts of the FBE, as well as other works and activities that are in accordance with the exercise of its autonomy.